Services Offerings

TSG's core services exist to benchmark your organization’s security posture and make actionable recommendations that result in tangible security benefits.

As well as managing business and compliance requirements around their cybersecurity risks, most organizations want to protect the reputations they have built from harm. A security breach has the potential to seriously impact all elements of your business if there are no controls in place, or if existing controls are not effectively mitigating the risks.

Managed Assurance

Want peace of mind when it comes to cyber security. Our team of experts will provide continuous testing,  remediation advice, control design, and guidance.


Penetration Testing

Our expert team will simulate an attack on your network and try to gain access to your network using the tactics, techniques and procedures that real world adversaries use.

Threat Hunting

TSG’s experts uses both defensive and offensive teams to identify compromised systems, malicious code, and other indicators of compromise.

Purple Team Assessments

Our team will conduct a offensive exercise and at the same time  one of our security engineers will be with your operations team to gauge the response and detection.

Compliance Readiness

The TSG Governance, Risk and Compliance team will work with your organization to make sure that you are ready for your compliance audit such as:



Use the expert resources to consult on your projects and to architect security solutions for your organization.

Policy and Control Auditing

Do you have policies and controls? Have you validated they are working? Make sure that your policies and controls are working.

Incident Response

In the event of a cyber incident you have a lot going on. Let our team provide the help and guidance you need to get back to normal operation.