About The Study Group

Learn more about The Study Group and how we are different.

What makes The Study Group different from the competition?

Based in Sarnia, Ontario, The Study Group (TSG) was founded to bring change to how organizations approach security.

Security for the longest time has been looked at as a bolt-on solution. While for some things this approach will work, this is a critical flaw in how security is done today.

Organizations spend money each year on blinky boxes that are sold as a fix all security solution or trust their IT provider to protect them. This is where the change is needed.  Regulatory bodies are enhancing controls around cybersecurity and the data that you organization protects. In the event of breach, who is really at fault and liable?

At TSG we believe security should be synonymous with assurance. We have built our team around the objective of providing assurance. Whether through testing security controls by simulating real world threat actors or designing security controls to better protect your business, we are the experts.

Our team is comprised of individuals from multiple industries and sectors. Our combined knowledge puts us in the unique position of being able to understand businesses as a whole and not just a section. Security is a balance and in order to achieve such balance it must be integrated at the foundation of the organization and not restrain the organization from functioning.

Still not sure, here are some other reasons:

• TSG is vendor, partner and solution agnostic, we will only recommend what is in your best interests.

• Our consultants hold numerous industry certifications including those recognized by the NSA and DoD.

• Our team has years of experience protecting the networks of governments, defense contractors, fortune 100 companies and more.

We are ready to help you reach assurance.


Career Opportunities

TSG is always looking great people that are passionate about information security.    Feel free to drop us a line if you are interested.

Preference given to those with a valid Canadian or US government security clearance.